Mahinui Na Lani



Mahinui Na Lani was designed by internationally acclaimed tree house builder Roderick Romero to fit into this ancient forest as if to welcome Pele herself.  

    Lifted off the forest floor to the level of the birds

          Imparting a sense of the lightness of being

                         Opening the doors of the imagination

              Inviting you to escape from the everyday

You will bring your sense of fantasy, and let your imagination soar with the birds. 

We invite you to share the experience of this floating structure anchored to the trees whose roots are wrapped around a lava tube.  Centuries ago, when Kilauea spilled lava across what is now a lush rain forest, a giant bubble rose up, and hardened.  Lava continued to flow through, to the ocean.  Part of the ancient forest that used to form the canopy on this island remains on this site, offering its shelter to all who stay here.  

Begin and end your adventures on the Big Island in the cedar hot tub

Built to be green, with recycled and locally found materials, and low impact waste systems.  Water is by catchment.

Cedar hot tub on treehouse lanai

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E Komo Mai to our treehouse

Mahinui Na Lani, on the Big Island of Hawaii

Mahinui Na Lani

  1. -Na Lani is a Hawaiian phrase for the beautiful sky

Here in the sacred rain forest  of Pele, Mahinui Na Lani hovers over an ancient lava tube, at the level of birds.