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Monday, 20 February 2017 08:18


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No matter where you choose to get married, when your day is over, it will be your memories of the event, and the photographs that bring it back to you, and carry the specialness of the occasion forward to people who care about you. Your photographs will be most special of all to some people who will not even be born yet, and yet will care deeply about you joining your lives together. Those people may be the children you will have and their children after them. They will share your wedding day through the pictures, and your stories.

It will be the look on your faces, and the joy of your being together that will matter to them, and the romance of the time and place.

We offer you two experienced photographers, fine photographic equipment, and some of the most photogenic places on the planet for your wedding pictures.

Our sensibility in photographing you is to capture your joy, your personality, your playfulness. Maybe your seriousness. We seek the spontaneous laugh, the delight in life, that cannot come from posed photos. The place you choose for your wedding is part of your story, and the place will form the context for your photographs. As part of your wedding plans, you may wish to spend some time devoted to recording who you are, with each other, in your wedding place, through photographs. In the process, you will visit some beautiful parts of the island, and the process will make you feel like rock stars. Or at least, very special.

All the Mahinui wedding packages include photography directly before, during, and after the ceremony. We also offer options to add photo excursions around the island. The photos you see on our website unless otherwise attributed were taken either at our property, or in the Botanical Gardens at Onomea.

We invite you to consider setting aside a day just for photos, and we will take you either to beaches or to waterfalls and the botanical gardens, and do still shots and video. If you choose to add a photography day, we will also videotape your ceremony if you wish.

A unique video can be produced from the photos, put together with your choice of music from your wedding. Price for this begins at $150 for a two minute video.

Saturday, 18 February 2017 12:44

Wedding Packages

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This is a wedding ceremony for just the two of you. The garden changing room will be available for the bride to dress. Included is the custom ceremony, music, path and pavilion lighting, wedding cake and champagne toast, entry and altar flowers, sounding of the sacred shell, on site photography, and two nights in the treehouse.

$2,900 - Includes two nights at treehouse honeymoon suite


The tiki party is designed to bring you and your guests to old Hawaii, the days of Don the Beachcomber and cruise ships to the island of the Volcano, and of course, tiki drinks. Tiki torches line the path to the pavilion. The sounds of Martin Denny and Tiki Joe’s Ocean lend that luscious retro feeling to the party. Vintage and vintage style tiki mugs we curate for you become take home gifts for your guests, and you receive a pair of rare Mahinui tiki mugs designed by Tiki Farm to keep. You will enjoy traditional Hawaiian pupus, and the party drinks will be Mahinui Mai Tais made with fresh juices and exotic island rums infused with coconut and vanilla. This party in the pavilion can be for up to 22. If you love the pavilion but need more space, we can bring in a tent structure with specialty lighting that goes up at the end of the driveway. The driveway is then lit with fairy lights in the tree ferns and transformed into a walkway. Prices for this will be by quote. Tiki party, including wedding ceremony.

$3,900 - $4,900 - Includes two nights at treehouse honeymoon suite

Other packages:

Your custom wish is welcome. Tell us what you would like and we will see if the magic can happen.

Weddings at venues other than the rainforest pavilion also available: My Hawaii Island Wedding.

Treehouse Nightly Rate:

Please inquire. Charges vary according to number of nights and amenities requested.

Special Orders:

Pair of dendrobium and cymbidium altar sprays: $320
Dendrobium and cymbidium orchid bridal bouquet: $120
Head lei (lei po'o) for the bride: $75
Beach & lagoon photography excursion: $850 - half day
$1,600 - half day
Volcanoes National Park photography: $650 - half day
Guitarist: $250- half hour
Blessing Circle: $350
Bartending Services: $250

Video Slide show:

Starting at $150.

This is to benefit a young friend who is hoping for a film career. She will start with your wedding photos and set a slide show to your wedding music. $150 will be a two minute slide show. Longer ones can be made available.

Saturday, 18 February 2017 12:42


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Nightly Rate: $275

State of Hawaii taxes are additional.

Cleaning fees may be applicable

Rates are subject to change and current prices may vary from website.

Saturday, 18 February 2017 11:14

The Treehouse

Written by

E Komo Mai to our treehouse

Mahinui Na Lani, on the Big Island of Hawaii

Mahinui Na Lani was designed by internationally acclaimed tree house builder Roderick Romero to fit into this ancient forest as if to welcome Pele herself.

Lifted off the forest floor to the level of the birds
Imparting a sense of the lightness of being
Opening the doors of the imagination

Inviting you to escape from the everyday

You will bring your sense of fantasy, and let your imagination soar with the birds.

Here in the sacred rain forest of Pele, Mahinui Na Lani hovers over an ancient lava tube, at the level of birds.

We invite you to share the experience of this floating structure anchored to the trees whose roots are wrapped around a lava tube. Centuries ago, when Kilauea spilled lava across what is now a lush rain forest, a giant bubble rose up, and hardened. Lava continued to flow through, to the ocean. Part of the ancient forest that used to form the canopy on this island remains on this site, offering its shelter to all who stay here.

Begin and end your adventures on the Big Island in the cedar hot tub

Built to be green, with recycled and locally found materials, and low impact waste systems. Water is by catchment.

Mahinui Na Lani

-Na Lani is a Hawaiian phrase for the beautiful sky

The Rainforest

Our treehouse, Mahinui Na Lani, is situated in the rainforest of Kilauea, minutes from the gates of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The name refers to the beautiful sky, where from the elevation of the upper level, you might see meteors streaking across the field of stars.

The trees where the house is being built are sandalwood, Hawaiian holly, and ohia that bloom with red and yellow lehua blossoms, and attract the native honeycreepers, birds with delicate curved beaks, who make their tiny nests in the branches. Other birds are the mynahs, cardinals, doves, and sometimes owls. Kalij pheasants come around, tempting you to try to feed them from your hand.

In the understory, ferns grow 30 feet or more in height, unfurling new curling tendrils in the spring and summer months. Beneath the ferns, anthuriums, heliconia, bromeliads, trumpet vines, ginger, and mosses line the paths cleared through the forest in this fairy tale like landscape.

A short distance away, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park welcomes you to the most active volcano on Earth, Kilauea, home of Pele.

The nearest beach in Punalu’u, a black sand beach where sea turtles come to rest.

The island’s spectacular waterfalls are to the east, a short drive in the morning when the light is best. In Hilo there is Rainbow Falls, and Boiling Pots, and a few minutes further up the Hamakua Coast is Akaka Falls.

The famous green sand beach is at the southern tip of the island, a drive of a little over an hour and then a walk in.

You may take yourself to these and more island destinations, or you may take advantage of Mahinui Island Excursions, and we will take you where rental cars cannot go.

Nightly price: $295 (Hawaii tax: 13.42%)

Cleaning and prep fees will depend upon number of nights and your preferences.

Saturday, 18 February 2017 10:49

Photo Excursions

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In choosing the location for your wedding, you may have longed for sunset wedding photos or the sandy beaches and you.

Hawaii is so much more than the beach and the rainforest. We can take you to beaches with green or black sands, palm lined beaches, turquoise lagoons. There are lily ponds that call to mind Monet, ancient heiau built long before Captain Cook sailed into Kealakekua.

We offer half day and full day photo excursions to some of the most photogenic places imaginable. You may wear your wedding attire and change into aloha wear along the way if you wish.

Half day $850

Full day $1,600

Saturday, 18 February 2017 10:32

Wedding Pavilion

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Our wedding pavilion was carved and shaped to echo and pay homage to the forest in which it sits. Its purpose is to offer a wedding destination of great beauty and complete privacy. Your choice of music is brought into the space via a sound system through which we play an iPod playlist. If you do not bring your own iPod with your chosen playlist for the occasion, we offer classical music as befits a wedding, followed by classical Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukulele tunes.

This outdoor room, protected from the weather by a wide roof pitched over a hardwood floor, can accommodate an intimate wedding party of up to 22.

Your wedding ceremony can be as simple as you the couple, the ceremony and a wedding toast, with photography and music, or we can help you plan an elegant reception to include a small group of people for a feast, dancing, and memories to last a lifetime.

We have put together a set of Hawaiian style ceremonies from which you may choose one that resonates with you, or you may furnish your own ceremonial words. Hawaiian traditional ceremonies begin with blowing the sacred pu. The spoken words honor spirit, place, the participants, and the gravitas of the celebration.

Anniversary celebrations or vow renewals are equally welcome.

Friday, 03 February 2017 15:27

Mahinui Rainforest Weddings

Written by

Aloha and E Komo Mai

The Mahinui wedding pavilion is a serene venue on the island of Hawaii, in the rainforest of Kilauea volcano. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is less than five minutes away.

Beneath the swaying ohia trees, surrounded by ancient hapu’u, the tree fern of this wilderness, there is a pavilion carved from tropical woods. We invite you to come to this natural sanctuary to celebrate your marriage, your life together, or to renew your love and vows.

We offer a non-denominational celebrant, your choice of Hawaiian style ceremonies, and a private and special place for your ceremony and celebration. We will record your marriage in digital photographs, and you can e-mail photos to your friends and family at your leisure, then party back home after your have claimed this special time and place just for yourselves.

Your wedding will ultimately be romantic and beautiful, minus the stress and minus the cookie cutter quality of a standard elopement. One of the most special days of your lives deserves to be memorable not for the drama of everyone else’s expectations, but because you celebrate the life you look forward to sharing in a setting that reflects the joy you feel in each other.

Here you will feel connected at a deep level to the earth and sky, and the living things with whom we share the natural and spiritual universe. You will feel your sensibilities expand to embrace the unseen, the spirit of an ancient people who once walked this place, and their idea of Pele, a feminine presence who brings about the birth of the land itself, and calls this particular forest a part of her sacred home. In the swaying of the ohia you will recognize the inspiration of the hula. You will feel the magic you share with each other combine with this expanded awareness to create for you an aura of serenity seldom experienced in our everyday lives.

The wedding ceremony will be written for you, and incorporate your story with sense and spirit of place.