Mahinui Rainforest Weddings



Aloha and E Komo Mai

We are in a private location, on the Big Island of Hawaii in the rainforest

of Kilauea, adjacent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Beneath the swaying ohia trees, surrounded by ancient hapu’u, the tree fern of this wilderness, there is a pavilion carved from tropical woods.  We invite you to come to this natural sanctuary to celebrate your marriage, your life together, or to renew your love and vows.

We offer a non-denominational celebrant, your choice of Hawaiian style ceremonies, and a private and special place for your ceremony and celebration.  We will record your marriage in digital photographs, and you can e-mail photos to your friends and family at your leisure, then party back home after your have claimed this special time and place just for yourselves.

Your wedding will ultimately be romantic and beautiful, a far thing from the justice of the peace or drive through wedding chapel, but with as little stress, and requiring as little planning, as the average runaway wedding.  One of the most special days of your lives deserves to be memorable not for the drama of everyone else’s expectations, but because you celebrate the life you look forward to sharing in a setting that reflects the joy you feel in each other.

Here you will feel connected at a deep level to the earth and sky, and the living things with whom we share the natural and spiritual universe.  You will feel your sensibilities expand to embrace the unseen, the spirit of an ancient people who once walked this place, and their idea of Pele, a feminine presence who brings about the birth of the land itself, and calls this particular forest a part of her sacred home.  In the swaying of the ohia you will recognize the inspiration of the hula. You will feel the magic you share with each other combine with this expanded awareness to create for you an aura of serenity seldom experienced in our everyday lives.

It is easy to marry in Hawaii.  You can register your intent to marry in Hilo, a half hour from our location, and have your celebration the same day if you wish.  If you will not be registering your marriage with the state, the ceremony may still go on.

Mahalo nui loa for visiting us virtually, and browse on through our pages if this natural sanctuary and pavilion are striking the chords of romance you are seeking for your wedding or anniversary celebration.


Big Island Sacred Ceremonies